Here are the notes about Love&small now on progress.

Overall Progress Story Writer  Story Actor, height
LOVE&small vol.1 On Sale L&S Hospital 15cm

LOVE&small vol.2 On Sale L&S Test at school 15cm

LOVE&small vol.3 On Sale L&S Insurance

LOVE&small vol.4 Editing L&S Photographer
and her assistant
LOVE&small vol.5 Plotting Mr.Cape School
Childhood friend
LOVE&small vol.6 Plotting Mr.kuman Police,
illegal immigrants
LOVE&small vol.7 Not started yet L&S Cable TV station
Shopping channel
LOVE&small vol.8 Not started yet ? ?

vol. 5 plot
1. In the classroom of high school. Rie and Mamoru know each other since
their childhood and they are really good friends.
2. At homeroom period. They are choosing a PR person of the class.
3. Rie was chosen. But she doesn’t want to do it.
4. She hears that the leader of the committee is a senpai that she likes.
5. Rie gets motivated, but Mamoru is a little jealous.
6. Rie and Mamoru stop by a park. Soon, it starts to rain.
vol. 6 plot
1. A wall at the national border. A big gate.
2. Women soldiers are protecting the gate. The snow has stopped.
3. There are many refugees and they are around the fire.
4. A woman soldier holds a shrinking gun.

vol. 7 plot
1. At a TV shopping studio. AD and the host are having a meeting.
2. Today’s product is a beautiful set of earrings and touring.
3. Its designer is here for a guest.
4. But the designer is so small that the host is surprised.
5. Live broadcasting starts.
6. A problem happens.

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