Q : How to purchase the download clip:
1. Please click the item which you want to buy and put it into a shopping cart.

2. For your purchase, only the credit card payment is available.

3.After your payment, you will receive an email from us, LOVE&BOOTS.

This email includes the link site for the download.
Please access to the URL address with the ID and password attached to the email.
Q : E-mail address
URL to download our contents will be sent to you via email.
Please kindly be noted that you set your email account so as to receive emails from us.
Please do not send us an email address that can only receive emails via a mobile phone or those email address that allow limited emails due to individual security settings.
Our email contains the domain name of @love-boots.com, allowing your email account setting to receive this domain from us.
Q : Credit card is not confirmed.
A : Look into the following points again :
-If it uses free-mail addresses such as 'Yahoo', 'Hotmail', etc. That are not effective.
-Your@telephone number is provided with country code number ?
-Your credit card is in force ?
Q : Downloads will not complete.
Q : Why do all my downloads stop after some time? (OS: win 7)
For windows 7.
To open the Control Panel, click the Start button on the taskbar and then click Control Panel on the Start menu.

Q : Tickets for purchasing exceptional items
Please click this link